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shirling & neueweise was founded in 1999 by jef chippewa (Berlin-based) with the intention of forging a specialized notational context capable of responding to the specific and ever-changing demands of New Music notation. With his engraving work long recognized by his international peers for its æsthetic qualities as much as for its precision and attentiveness to detail, chippewa has collaborated with a broad range of composers, ensembles and publishers that includes mathias spahlinger, Bernhard Lang, Sebastian Claren, Allan Crossman, ensemble recherche and PEER Music-Classical. In 2010, he was commissioned by Breitkopf & Härtel to prepare the first digital edition of Helmut Lachenmann’s pivotal work, Pression.

First developed as shirling & neueweise’s in-house typeface in 2002 and released publicly in 2015, the neueweise font set offers composers and copyists an elegant and unified engraving tool that blends excellent legibility with a bold and stylish design. Although neueweise fonts were designed specifically to address the unique needs of New Music notation, they are equally at home in more traditional notation contexts.

Since 2010, drawing on his active experiences as both a composer and a copyist, chippewa has been developing a module-based seminar, “New Music Notation: Score Design, Function and Role.” Underlining the importance of understanding and mastering the various notational praxis of contemporary works in both the instrumental and electroacoustic milieux, he has been invited to give the seminar in various forms in Canada, Germany, Israel, Mexico, UK and the USA.