Notation Central is a part of NYC Music Services, a music preparation service in New York. NYC Music Services began in 2007 with a mission to provide the industry’s best music service to professional clients. Since then, we’ve worked on thousands of projects ranging from simple transpositions to large opera productions, big band recording sessions, film scores and everything in between.

Our proficiency in music notation software and direct communication line to the software companies keep us on top of the very latest developments in the field. We’ve been providing both free and paid products to the field for many years. Over time we realized that our knowledge and our unique position in the industry could make it possible for many more users to discover the incredible tools available for music notation software if more of them were available in one place — not just our products, but those of others, too!

That’s what Notation Central is all about: It’s the place to make the most of the music notation software you use. We have fonts, utilities, templates, and plug-ins that are designed to help you create music at the highest level, turning you into a productivity powerhouse along with thousands of other users.

We also have sheet music for sale from both contemporary and classical composers that you won’t find anywhere else, produced at the highest level and available in PDF and printed formats to suit your use.

Scoring Notes is the official blog of NYC Music Services and Notation Central, with topical news, reviews, tips and tutorials about music notation software and related technology. On Scoring Notes you’ll find reviews and information about many of the products you’ll find on Notation Central.