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Scoring Express for Sibelius

Scoring Express is a collection of high-quality, professional templates for Sibelius — based on the same templates used at NYC Music Services, an industry-leading music preparer.

Each Scoring Express package is much more than just the templates. It contains manuscript papers, house styles, high-quality music and text fonts, and plug-ins — all installed in one go, so you can get started right away.

Sheet Music

We also have high-quality sheet music for purchase that you won’t find elsewhere, produced at the highest level.

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New on Notation Central: Graphical MIDI Tools 2

Sold By: Santiago Barx

Graphical MIDI Tools (GMT) 2 is a tool for Sibelius that cleverly and ingeniously combines Sibelius scripting language (“ManuScript”) with a native code application to provide a piano roll window.

It opens a temporary sequencer frame on any given selection, and then gives the user the ability to draw in automations to manipulate the data in a way never before seen in a Sibelius tool. Moreover, there are additional windows to adjust velocity and note duration in piano roll-like fashion.

Graphical MIDI Tools 2 has been completely re-built from scratch and is even more powerful and fun to use than the first version of this popular tool. The new version of GMT adds a piano roll view window to Sibelius, allowing you to insert custom automation curves, modify note velocities, or change the sound position and duration of notes.

And with the new Phantom Notes module, you can insert MIDI command notes that will sound on playback, but do not affect the written score.


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